William Howard Taft
By Raiven and Morgan

Date of Birth: In Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 15,1857
Age at presidency:
Kids: 3 kids
Graduated: Yale College

Early life

William Howard Tafts mom passed away. But he sure was educated extremely will. He went to Woodward high school and graduated from Yale college. He had 3 brothers and sisters, and married Helen Herron Taft, and he also had 3 kids. His parents were Alphonso Taft and Louise Marie and they did not support him in his way to presidency. After he got married he began to serve as a governor of the Philippines and United States secretary.


Taft wanted to be a justice of the supreme court of the United States. From 1896 - 1900 he was a dean of University of Cincinnati Law school,he was a very educated man. while he was governor there took a fight with seventy thousand U.S soldiers. he was secretary of war for Roosevelt. while he was governor of the Philippines they did not achieve self rule independence.


Taft lost his support of most of the liberal republicans. This happened because he refused to support the liberal republicans in their fight to curb. This also happened because he divided a party of republicans controlling both houses of congress. Then taft decided he wanted to be president, but he didn't want to be exactly like Theodore Roosevelt. So he took the first steps to establishing a federal government. He also ended the second american occupation of Cuba in 1909 which is the same year when the blizzard in March took place. He also said that the U.S would make loans to a lot of countries to encourage investment. He decided to complete and perfect the machinery that Roosevelt had tried to solve. After that he upheld Ballinger who was later cleared by a congressional investigating committee.Taft believed in tariff protection and took action of many trust.

After presidency

Taft left the Whitehorse in March 1913.Taft became professor of constitutional law at Yale university.That year he was elected president of the american bar association. During world war one president Wilson appointed taft joint chairman of the national war labor board.Taft truly enjoyed working on the supreme court.He almost worked up until the time of his death.
Tafe died of heart disease in 1930.He was buried in Arlington National seminary.His wife helen was later buried right next to him.

Fun facts

At 332 pounds,taft was the heaviest president in history.After getting stuck in the whitehouse bathtub.He had the standard sized bathtub removed and a larger one installed.
He once fell asleep