Warren G Harding
by Matthew W and CJ


Date of Birth November 2 1865



29th president

Number of Siblings-7

Date of Death- August 2 1923

Vice President Calvin Cooligde

Early Life

Warren G Harding was born in November 1865 on a farm near corsica Ohio. He was the eldest of all children
presidency. He was born to George T Harding and Phoebe D Harding. He was the eldest of eight children. He also was a decendent from an English family that landed in Plymouth in 1624. Warren's father owned a newspaper were young Harding learned about journalism. Warren also loved music and was an excellent cornet player.


The united states held oil reserves at the teapot dome these reserves was owned by the governor and kept in case of an emergency. Secretary of the interior,Albert Fall needed money and decided to sell some of these reserves to oil companies. He took payments as a herd of cattle. This was all very illegal and Albert fall ended up going to jail.

in 1882 Warren studied law for a short while then went back into the newspaper business. As his newspaper business grew he began to turn toward politics. Then he won a seat in the Ohio state legislator and eventually he became a lieutenant governor. Harding was a great public speaker and began to make his mark in the republican party. Then In 1914 Harding ran for U.S. senate and won His time in the senate was somewhat unremarkable but thats when he started to change to the republican side.


In 1912 Harding was chosen to nominate President William H Taft for a second term at the republican National Convention. He was the first president to be elected as a senate in 1921. In his presidency he depended in congress and the cabinet for leadership. He also had his friends come to D.C with him to stay known as the Ohio gang. When Warren became president he found he was out of his league. Many of the people warren appointed into cabinet and adminestration were just crooks that wanted to use the government to use money.

After Presidency

He had got sick in Alaska,had a heart attack in san Francisco then died there.

Biography of President Warren G. Harding for Kids