Thomas Jefferson
By Joshua R and Matthew B


Date of Birth: April 13,1743
Birthplace: Shadwell, Virginia
Age Of Death: 83 Date Of Death July 4,1826
Death place: Monticello

Early Life:

Thomas Jefferson lived from 1743-1826. He was born in Virginia. His parents were Peter and Jane Jefferson. Thomas had 6 sisters and 1 surviving brother. Jefferson loved books, and vanilla ice cream. Thomas also had pet mockingbirds. His father died when he was 14. After that he became the head of the family. He was president for 8 years (1801-1809)


Thomas Jefferson went to college at William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he reportedly enjoyed studying for 15 hours then practicing violin for several more hours on a daily basis. He was a leading lawyer and plantation owner. He owned multiple slaves and there was a rumor that he had a relationship with one of the slaves and having 3 kids. Thomas had also taken part of writing the declaration of independence. Thomas' known wife is Martha Washington.


Thomas Jefferson was elected on March 4,1801, and served 2 terms (8 years) as the 3rd president. On March 4,1809, the 4th president came to the White House. While in Thomas' 1st year as president, he had a war with tripoli in 1801. Jefferson is famous for 2 things: his inaugural address, and the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Thomas Jefferson got not 1, but $2,000,000 from the Louisiana Purchase! One of the first things Jefferson did when he was president was try to reduce taxes wich made him more popular to many people. When he was inagurated as President, he was 57. President Jefferson's first term in office was remarkably successful and productive. In keeping with his Republican values, Jefferson stripped the presidency of all trappings of European royalty, reduced the size of the armed forces and government bureacracy and lowered the national debt form $80 million to $57 million in his first 2 years of office. Nevertheless, Jefferson's most important achievements as president all involved bold ideas of national government power and surprisingly liberal readings of the constitution.

After Presidency

Jefferson spent his later life at Monticello, where he continued to pursue science and natural history through research, experimentation, and invention. He died when he lapsed into a coma on July 4 1826, the same day John Adams died. He was considered one of the greatest presidents. His memorial was built near national mall in Washington. Thomas was one of the 4 presidents on M.T Rushmore.

Fun facts

He was an accomplished architecht and he designed his own house in Monticello as well as buildings for the University of Virginia. The White House was called the presidential mansion by the time he lived there. He wrote his own eipthaph for his own tombstone and wrote it on his list of his greatest accomplishments however he did not include being president. In addition to demanding the removal of the statue of Thomas Jefferson, columbia university students accused Jefferson of white supremacy and put a white hood on to symbolize the ku ku kluks clan.