Theodore Roosevelt

By Gabriella
and Sophia


Nickname: Teddy, T.R, The Meddler, Telescope Teddy

Age of death: January 6,1919

Achievements: Got Nobel Peace Prize and Youngest President in history

Pets: small bear named Jonathan Edwards, lizard named Bill, Maude the pig, one legged rooster, 6 guinea pigs named Admiral Dewey, Dr.Johnson, Bishop Doane, Fighting Bob Evans, and Father O' Grady, he had a badger named Josiah, Eli Yale the blue macaw, Baron Spreckle the hen, a hyena, a barn owl, peter the rabbit, and Algonquin the pony. He also had dogs: Sailor boy the Chesapeake retriever, Pete the bull terrier, Jack the terrier that was exiled to Long Island, and Skip the mongrel.

Hobbies: hunting, boxing, horse back riding, swimming, and hiking

Early Life

Theodore was born in New York city on October 27,1858. His parents names are Theodore and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt. He had two sisters, Anna and Corrine, and a brother, Elliott. Theodore Roosevelt had ancestors. He loved books and the outdoors. Theodore had asthma but overcame it with exercise. His ant sister came to America in 1640's. He suffered from asthma and had to wear glasses. He loved to swim, hunt, and ridding horses.Theodore soon went to Harvard University.


Theodore Roosevelt married Alice Hathaway on his birthday. He had a daughter but Alice died on February 14, 1884. Soon, Theodore married Edith and had 3 more kids. Sadly, his mother and father died. He was Vice President for one of his job. When he was in collage he drop out off law school, and started local politics.Theodore Roosevelt was a Rancher and Writer.


Theodore Roosevelt famed for his exploits at San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War and "Big Stick" diplomacy captured the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in mediating the Treaty of Portsmouth, which ended the Russo-Japenese War. Roosevelt was the first American to capture the award, and used the prize money to fund a trust to promote industrial peace. In November 1906, Roosevelt made presidential history by becoming the first chief executive to leave the United States. Roosevelt boxed for Harvard University's intramural lightwieght championship and continued to spar recreationally during his political career. Roosevelt wrote "The Naval War of 1812" and earned a reputation. He authored 38 books. Roosevelt witnessed the Abraham Lincoln funeral procession in New York City April 1865. The Republican leaders didn't want Roosevelt as president. He was the father of the modern US Navy.

After Presidency

Theodore Roosevelt sailed to Africa for 10 months. He also went to Brazil to explore the River of Doubt. They made a teddy bear after him. He got blind in the right eye after a boxing match. He was not so heathy after one of his child Quentin. When he was giving one of his speeches he got shot and said " It will take more then a gun shot to take me down.". He died in 1919.


Fun Facts

Theodore said he had a Photographic memory. Have you every wonder how the two Roosevelts are related? Well they are fifth cousins. Theodore was the first president to win a Nobel peace prize. He was the 26th president from 1901-1909(Sept.14-March 4). He had political work, was a naturalist, soldier, author, statesman, and reformer.On Valentine's Day in 1884, Roosevelt's mother passed away passed away from typhoid fever. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in western North Dakota, is a scenic area of gullies and hills. The park includes a cattle ranch once operated by Theodore Roosevelt.