Rutherford B.Hayes
By:Johnny and Calvin


Birth Date: October 4, 1822
Time of Death: 1889
Spouse: Lucy Ware Webb
Presidential Term: March 4, 1876 - March 4, 1881
Political Party: Republican
Siblings: 3, Lorenzo, Sarah, and Fanny Hayes
Birth Place: Columbus, OH
Terms: 1
Presidential Number:19th

Early Life: Rutherford B.Hayes family was very poor , alongside the lack of money, his father died before birth because of illness. He was a premature and very sick. His mother took care of him alongside with his cousin. He fullied recovered from his sickness at age 8, because of his sickness he had to go to school later in his , but he advanced very quickly in his academics. He was a excellent student, he was one of the most praised students by the heads of schools. to. He went to many schools including one New England and Delaware where he lived with his uncle. . He first went to Yancy academy. He wanted to go to at age 14 but his mother wanted him too stay home with her because he was always in a school far away from his mother. He finally went to college at age 16.

Adulthood: Rutherford was always in politics, he was a Governor of Ohio for 3 terms and was a Union soldier in the civil war. Besides the matter of politics, he also married Lucy Ware Webb and had 8 children ,but sadly 3 died as infants. Rutherford, supported freedom of all races.

Presidency:Rutherford served 1 term and had one of the shadiest victories ever. His opponent. Samuel Tildens, was winning in the popular vote and was dominating in the electoral college. It is said that the republicans struck a deal with the electoral college, and that is how he was elected.He wanted to improve the government and protect the rights of people.Because of the Civil War, He started reconstruction of the destroyed southern states. He spent most of his presidency trying to equalize rights in the south for black citizens, but most of his work was block by democrats that thought he was a fraud. Tried to create equal rights among races and he later wrote that " It is the desire of good people of the whole country that sectionalism as a factor in our politics should disappear