Millard Fillmore
by: Richard & Cameron


Born: January 7, 1800 in Locke, New York
Death: March 18, 1874 in Buffalo, New York
Pets: 2 Ponies

Early Life:

He was the second child of nine kids. He had three sisters and about 5 brothers. His parents were Nathaniel and Phoebe. Millard's family was very poor. He attended school for only short periods. Then he went to study law. At the age of 14, Millard got a job as a cloth maker's apprenticed. His master treated him so badly, he threaten Millard with an axe. Until he was 17, Millard didn't read much, but he read the Bible a lot.


In 1826, Millard married Abigail Powers. They had 2 kids, Millard Powers Fillmore and Mary Abigail Fillmore. After that, they moved to Buffalo, New York. Before he was President, he was a lawyer, U.S Congressman, and Vice President under Zachary Taylor. Sadly, Taylor died after a Fourth of July party in 1850.


Millard was the fourth and last President from the Whig Party. He fought strongly to end slavery. Then he saw the Compromise as necessary to preserving the union and enforced its strong fugitive slave act during his presidency. While he was President, he signed a series of bills to become a law. He signed a bill that made California to become a free state. Abigail was sick a lot as First Lady. Mary took over many official task, but still Abigail accomplished many things. She arranged for the purchase of the first cooking stove in the White House. Then she also added the first library. He appointed Daniel Webster as his secretary of state.

After Presidency

Millard ran for President again, but lost against Franklin Pierce. Abigail died less than a month after Millard was President of the United States. After that, Millard went to marry Caroline Carmichael Mcintosh. Millard suffered a stroke and was paralyzed. Then, he had another stroke and died on Mach 18, 1874 in Buffalo, New York at the age of 74. Millard was a very unpopular Presidents, but he will be remembered for making California a free state and being the last President from the Whig Party.


Fun Facts

Millard was the 6th President to born in a log cabin born

Millard was inaugurated at the age of 50 years old

Millard didn't have a vice President

Millard only got 22 percent of the popular vote when he ran for a second term.

Millard had 2 ponies named Mason and Dixon