Martin Van Burenby Uchenna & TJ
Date of Birth: December 5, 1782
Place of Birth: Born of Kinderhook, New York
Number of siblings: 5
Number of children: 4
Date of Death: July 24, 1862

Early Life

He was third of five children. His mother was a widow. He was born in a Dutch Community. His father Abraham, owned a inn and a tavern and polities visited it such as Alexander Hamilton and Aron Burr. He started school at 14 years old. He Studied law under Francis Sylvester. Opened a law office at age fifteen with his brother.


Elected as New York senate in 1812 and reelected in 1816. Then He married Hannah Hoes. They had four children. Then became senator on December 3, 1821. Hannah Hoes passed away in 1891 her date of death is not listed. His son passed away in 1855 after long illness.


He owed the presidency to Jackson.He became the eighth president. But many of the problems that faced him as president had developed during Jacksons administration started the panic of 1837. Refused Texas to become a state. Moved Native Americans to new lands.His nickname was " little Magician" for being a cunning politic. Van Buren was quite short and was only 5 feet and 6inches. He was still not the shortest president!

After Presidency

Ran for president two more times but failed. He retired to his country estate, Lindenwald near his birthplace. He remained active in politics for 20 years. In 1848, the antislavery Free Soil, Died on July 24,1862 because of asthma at age seventy nine.

Fun Facts

His favorite sport was horse back riding. First president born in America. Was only 5 feet 6 inches tall. At his time he was the only president to be born in an other place then Britain. At age 54 he became president.