John Tyler Jr.

By, Carrington and Caleb


Date of Birth/Death: March 29, 1790 - January 18,1862
Hobbies: Enjoyed playing marbles,
Parents: John Tyler Sr. and Mary Armistead
Siblings: Maria Henry Tyler, Anne Contessse Tyler, Wat. H.Tyler, William Tyler, and Martha Jefferson Tyler.
Spouse: Julia Gardiner Tyler [1844-1862] & Letitia Christian Tyler [1813-1842]
Children: Lyon Gardiner Tyler, David Gardiner Tyler, John Alexander Tyler, Robert Tyler, Lachlan Tyler, Elizabeth Tyler, Alice Tyler, Pearl Tyler, Julia Gardiner Tyler Spencer, Anne Contesse Tyler, Mary Tyler, Tazewell Tyler, Letitia Tyler Semple, Robert Fitzwalter Tyler ,and John Tyler Jr.
Grandchildren: Harrison Ruffin Tyler, Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., Elizabeth Glimer Tyler, Henry Tyler, and Elizabeth Gardiner Tyler Wilson.
Why did he become President: Pres. Harrison died, and John Tyler was the vice President.
Democrat or Republican: Democrat
Nickname: "The accidental president"
Religion: Deism, Episcopal

Early life:

He was born in Charles City, Virginia.Tyler was raised as a slave to a wealthy Virginian family. He went to college in 1802, and John graduated at the age of 17. His father sent him to William College and Mary College in 1802. He studied in college Law under his father. He married Letitia Christian, and he was married on his birthday. In 1809 he was admitted to the bar. His father died in 1813 and he inherited all of his slaves and land.


At the age of 21 Tyler won election to the Virginia House of Delegates. He became captain of volunteers in the summer, during the War of 1812. He ran for a vacant seat in the United States House or Representatives in 1816. Then later was elected a full term United States of Representatives. John resigned to the House of Representatives because of the condition of poor health. He remarried to his 1st lady during his presidency, he was the only president ever so far to be married during a presidency in the United States of America. Then also in 1825-1827 he was Governor of Virginia. He denounced the Bank of the United States as an adult before his presidency.


President Harrison died, so Tyler was sworn in on April 6,1841 as former Vice President. He was the first Vice President of America to be sworn in after his Predecessor died President Harrison. He was 51 years old when he was sworn in to become president. While his was in office Tyler vetoed a bill and many others, and the next day a massive group of people came to The White House . He also approved the Pre- emption ACT which started a big movement in The White House. At one point in his presidency a group disagreeing with the law that he had vetoed came and started an attempted impeach meant because they did not agree. Near the beginning of his presidency he was on a new ship and the Navy was showing him a new weapon they had created, it ended up exploding and killed the New York senator at the time. While he was president he did not have a Vice President, because the Academy didn't think he had needed one because he was already Vice President before. John brought an end to the war Seminole War in Florida. His wife died during his presidency of a stroke but he did remarry to Julia Gardener Tyler. He also opened trading abilities to Asia and other exports from around the World. President Tyler was president while the United States of America was only 29 states and the rest of the country wild land.

After Presidency:

Tyler after his presidency retired to Sherwood Forest Estate near Charles city of Virginia on a 1200 acre farm, which is near where President George Washington lived. He lived until the civil war and he did want the south to win the war and keep the slaves able to work for them for free still. The north considered him a trader to freedom when they found this out. He was a friend to Abraham Lincoln but they disagreed during the civil war. He had even formed a peace convention that collapsed after their disagreement. He won the election to the confederate house of representatives but died before he could take his seat. He was buried in Hollywood cemetery in Richmond Virginia after he died from a stroke.He died at the age of 71.

Fun Facts:

Tyler was playing a game of marbles when he found out he was going to become president.He also was the captain of volunteers during the summer of 1802.He was the president of the United States of America from 1841-1845. John Tyler was the first vice president to become president in the USA.Two of Tyler's grandchildren are actually still alive, one of them is Harrison Tyler and the other is Lyon Gardiner Tyler. Lyon is a retired professor that taught at Citadel and Harrison is a retired chemist who now gives history lectures.

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