John Quincy Adams
By: Amyre and Monae


Date of Birth:July 11,1767
Wife's Name: Louisa Catherine
Names of Children:Louisa Catherine, George Washington Adams, John Adams, Charles Francis Adams
Number of Siblings: 6
Death Age:80
State of Birth:Massachusetts
Date of Death:July 4, 1826
Nickname:Old Man Eloquent

Early life

John Quincy Adams's parents were John Adams and Abigail Smith Adams. He was son of Founding Father and 2nd President. He was first born out of six kids. His school was in Paris, Amsterdam and Leiden. In the 1770 his father left him. He grew up during the American Revolution. Often observed the battle of Bunker Hills from a distance when he as a child. He learned much about European culture and languages from his travels, he became fluent in both French and Dutch. His college was Harvard College.


Washington appointed Adams minster to the Netherlands. His college was Harvard College. He served Berlin for three years. His wife was Louisa Catherine. Sadly, his only daughter died as an infant and his son died in 1829. In 1815, he became minister to the United Kingdom. He was voted Massachusetts Senate. He died by suffering a massive stroke while at the House of Representatives. He died in a nearby cloakroom in the Capitol. He worked in capacity with each of the first five presidents.


He had 84 electoral votes when he ran for a first term. He ran against war hero Andrew jackson and Congressman Henry Clay. However, since no candidate recieved a majority of votes, the House of Representatives had to vote on who would become president. Adams won the vote on who would become president , but many people were angry and said he won due corruption. He was elected to the United States Senate in 1803. After Adams was elected Senate, Massachusetts then felt betrayed by him.He also made corrupt bargain. Jackson his supporter wrote the tariff bill.Great Secretaries of State of history. He tried to get a law passed to raise tariffs and help American Business, but the Southern states were against it, So the law didn't pass.

After Presidency

John was elected US House of Representative. He served House for 18 year and fighting hard trying to end slavery. He retired to his family home in Quincy. The people of Quincy asked him to run for Congress. He defeated 2 candidates. He served at three times as chairman of House Foreign Committee.

Fun facts

Adams was quiet,liked to read,and may have suffered from depression.
He married his wife, Louisa, in London,England.
Famous Quote:"If your action inspire others to dream more,learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader