John Adams
by Josiah and Tommy

- Profile

- Date of birth: October 30, 1735
- Family members: Dad John, Mom Susanna, Wife Abigail, Daughter Abigail, Daughter Susana, Daughter Elizabeth, Son John Quincy Adams, Son Charles, Son Thomas, Cousin Samuel - Adams
- Place of birth: A farm in Penn's hill
- pets: His dogs were Juno, and Satan, Cleopatrat, Caesar, carrige horses, had several other horses,
- hobbies: Walking, Swimming, Writing, reading, singing, dancing,playing guitar, acting, doing comedy, sports and discussing history, Latin, religion, and law
- Age at death: 90 years old
- Party: Federalist
- Quotes: "Liberty once lost, is lost forever." "The happiness of society is the end of governments." "Fear is the foundation of most governments." "Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom."

- Early Life

John Adams helped with chores on the farm. He studied hard in his village school in Penn's hill. He earned a scholarship to Harvard University. He also earned a masters degree at Harvard. He graduated 14 out of 24 from Harvard College in 1755. He was one of the best scholars in his class. He studied hard, but he didn't enjoy reading books. He was short and stout.

- Adulthood

John Adams was a teacher for a short time. He was the second vice president of the United States Of America. In 1796 he was reelected for vice President of the United States of America. He also signed the Declaration Of Independence. He was one of the people who helped with the Boston tea party. He was very much against the stamp act. He also persuaded Congress for the Continental army. He went to Paris to help Benjamin Franklin. He was the first U.S. minister to Great Britain. He was one of the people who persuaded the Continental Congress to have George Washington as a general for their army.

- Presidency

John Adams served for one term (4 years). He was elected President in 1796. He was the second President of the United States Of America. He was 61 years old when he took oath. During his Presidency, the capitol moved from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. John Adams was in office during the Boston Tea Party. He also served as chairman of the continential board of war and ordinance. One of his main accomplishments was keeping the U.S out of war with the French so he sent a treaty to France. Federalists like him faced much criticism. He still wanted to keep peace. He asked Talleyrand for a treaty. He also sent a second comission to France. This lost him support in his party. He ended these meetings in 1797. The Department of the Navy was established by congress on October13, 1775.

- After Presidency

He ran again for president, but he lost. Before he went back to his home he had a very important meeting with a war officer named John Marshall. When John Adams was 65 years old, he went back to Quincy after his presidency. During his retirement, he worked on a farm. He liked to read alone in his study. On July 4, 1826 he died in Quincy Massachusetts at age 90, quincidentaly on the same day as Thomas Jefferson.

- Fun Facts

- Nickname: Father Of American Independance
- He was married to Abigail for 53 years, and wrote lots of letters to each other while he was in office
- He was the first president to live in the White House
- His final words were "Thomas Jefferson survives." However, he didn't know that Jefferson had died a few hours earlier
- His father was a deacon of the church
- longest living president. He lived until he was 90 years old
- height: 5'7''

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