BY: Raphael and Gioni

Children: none
Died from: illness
Wife:Sarah Polk
Date of birth; November 2 1795
Religion: Presbyterian
Party: Demarcate

Early Life

James Polk's family immigrated from the island Ireland
in North Carolina. his parents is Samuel Polk and Jane Polk they had 10 children.He is the oldest of 10 children and changed his last name to Polk before he changed it it was polka. His father was a farmer in the fertile duck river. James went to a private school.His nickname was young hickory.

Adult hood

James Polk married a girl named Sarah Childress who later became Sarah Polk. Sarah was religous so James also went to church. They also had no children. James dad had more than 50 slave by the time he died.James was also Presbyteria.


He was elected and won by 40,000 . James and his wife banned card games, dancing, and alcohol in the white house. James polk added Texas ,Arizona,California,Colorado, Nevada,Utah,Wyoming and Wisconsin to the USA. James polk won the Mexican war and added more states.James was a cornel in the military.

After Presidency

He had died three months later from an illness called Choleria on June15 1849. James polk left the estate to his wife with the request that she free his slaves.He died in a tomb at the state captiol of Nashville.