James Monroe

By Kennedy C and Ireya E

- Profile
- Born on: April 28, 1758
- Kids: 2 girls and 1 boy but, he died as an infant
- Kids Names:Maria Hoster, and James Spence
- Born : Westmoreland , VA
- Died on: July 4, 1831
- Marriage time: in 1786
- Family: he was the oldest of four boys and girls
- Parents: his mom and dad were in Virginia for a lot of years
- Accomplishments: he built a highland,got married,had children,and became president
- services: he spent more than 40 years in public services
- Wife's death: in 1830, on September 23

Early Life
James Monroe was born into a Scottish family. His parents were named Elizabeth and Jones Monroe. James Monroe was the oldest of 7 children . His siblings were named Joseph Jones, Andrew Augustine, Spence,Jane , Elliot, John, and Elizabeth Buckner. First he was tutored at home then he went to school at Parson Archibald Campbell and went to college at The College of William and Mary. He started school at the age of 12 and went to college at the age of 16. He dropped out of college a few months later to join the revolutionary war. Then he became a lieutenant at the age of 18. During the war he was severely injured and his adulthood began.

After the war he trained under the tutorage of Thomas Jefferson. Then in 1782 he practiced law in Fredricksburg,VA. In the same year he was elected for the VA house of delegates.Later he he ran for the VA Assembly and won a seat in the Virginia Assembly for 4 years. He also worked to give pioneers the ability to ship stuff down the Mississippi River and in spanish territory.Soon he married Elizabeth Kornright February 16, 1787. He was later called to ratify the constitution and he accepted the responsibility. He then ran against James Madison but lost.

James Monroe after that became the 5 president after James Madison served his second term. When he became president he made a wise decision to fill his cabinet with a southerner, John C. Calhoun as secretary of war, and John Quincy Adams as the secretary of state. His term was known as "the era of good feelings". The American System was the first issue of the term and Henry Clay advanced it. The American System was to make the nation good by 1 making new roads and canals and 2 make a protective tariff to let north manufactures make home markets. He also made the Monroe Doctrine. During his term he wore his hair in a powdered ponytail and tied in a queue. And he sent General Andrew Jackson on an expedition to Florida and started an acquisition of Florida and Spain. He became president on March 4, in 18 17 and ended on March 4, in 1825.

After Presidency
After his term of presidency he retired to Oak Hill, VA. John Quincy Adams who spoke badly about everyone spoke well about him.Then his wife died so he moved with his daughter to NY. He fell ill and died on July 4, 1831. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson also died on that day which is now the United States Independence Day. Before he died John Quincy Adams who critized everyone spoke well of him.

Fun Facts
Monroe's dad came from a scotish family and his mom came from wales . He surved 5 years as a regent of the university of Virginia. James Monroe did not have a middle name. The last
Cocked Hat, The Era of Good Feelings President were the nicknames given to Monroe. Monroe died because of heart failure and tuberculosis. Monroe was able to buy Florida for $ 5 million. He was the only person in history to hold 2 cabinet positions at once. He was one of the last founding fathers to become a president. He was the only person in history , except for Washington, to run unopposed. He has a foreign capital named after him. He was the first to live in the white house after it was finally painted white.


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