James Madison
by:Joshua B and Grace


Born: on March16 1751 in Virginia
Died: June 28 1836 in mount pelare
Childhood: Grew up on a tobacco farm
Family: 11 brothers and sisters
Wife: Dolly Madison
Kids: None
College: College of New Jersey / Princeton University
Jobs: Coninenta Congress, President, Secratery
Presidency: 1809-1817

Early Life

In 1751 James Madison was born in Virginia. Madison grew up on a tobacco farm with 11 brothers and sisters. He was the oldest out of all 11 kids. Madison was always a good learner, he studied with a school master Donald Robertson. Madison and his siblings were very sickly when they were young and even some of them died. Madison's father owns 3,000 acres

Adult Hood
James Madison was the first graduate of Princeton university in 1771. He was a Virginia house of deligits. Madison served as secratery of state under Thomas Jeferson. Then in Madison defeated James Menroe in an election for US house of repersinitives. In Madison meet Dolly Payne Todd. He lost his first election. Madison never held a job out of the government.

Madison was the 4th president of the Uninted States. He was president from 1809- 1817. During his presidency he had a relation with the United Kingdom (U.K). He had a rivalry with Patrick Henry. The White House was burned down when madison was president. Then Madison and Goerge Washington were the only 2 presidents to sign the constitution. He was the last person alive to sign the it. Madison was a Democratic Republican. Madison never held a job outside of office. Both of Madison's vice presidents died in office. Madison lost his first time running for presidents because he wouldn't give the people free alcohol. He came up with checks and balences so that no one branch of the government had too much power.

After Presidency
Madison lived in Mount Peleare, He was the president of Virginia. His nick name was "The Father Of The Constitution". Madison also helped with the constitution of Virgina. Maddison died when he was 85 on June 8th in 1817. He also help with the bill of rights. Before Madison died he penned a short writting piece called " Advice To My Countrey" to be read after he died. Him and Dolly hosted many parties while he was president.

Fun Facts
Madison had 2 presidents Goerge Washington and Elbridge Gerry. Madison was the smallest president. He had a duel with patrick Henry. He liked ice cream. He was never the heathyest as a kid or adult. He was on the 5,000 dollar bill, the government stop printing them in 1945. Madison took care of Dolly's children, John Payn Todd and William Temple Todd. Madison had a river named after him. He produced the Federalist Papers. His parents pushed him and his brother in to polotics.