Herbert Hoover

by Jordan Meyers and Megan Windham

(great friends as well!)

Profile: Quick Facts!

Date of birth: August 10,1874
Wife's name: Lou Henry Hoover
Children's names: Allan and Herbert, Jr.
Personality:Introverted quiet bookworm
Political party: Republican

Early Life

Herbert Hoover was born a Quaker on August 10,1874 in West Branch, Iowa. He had one older brother Theodore and a younger sister Mary, but they called her May. Both of his parents died by the time he was nine, so he was raised by his uncle in Oregon for two years. To get money he did plenty of work like chopping onions for 50 cents a day. He also picked potato bugs to get money to buy fireworks and got a penny for every hundred bugs that he picked! He enjoyed exploring the acres of natural playgrounds on his uncle's farm.


Herbert Hoover went to Stanford University. He earned a geology degree. He became a successful public official and a multimillionaire mining engineer. He married Lou Henry Hoover. He was a food distributer in London during WW1. His wife had two kids, Herbert Hoover Jr. and Allan Hoover. One of their children, Herbert,Jr., went on to become a successful mining engineer like his father. His brother, Allan, became a director of a lead-and-zinc mining company. For FIVE years, Herbert Hoover,Sr. and Lou Henry Hoover spent their free time translating an ancient Latin book on mining techniques. I think we can say for sure that this family had deep roots!


Herbert was a president from 1929-1933. He was the 31st president and he was in the Republican party. He was 54 when he was elected. Lots of events happened during this time. When he was elected president, the stock market prices soared to record heights, winning 40 of the 48 states, then unexpectedly crashed. Soon after that, the Great Depression occurred. He was reluctant to interfere with the economy because he thought that the "big businesses'' would stop the depression. When the depression continued, however, the people got angry. Hunger marches were staged in major cities, but the most famous one, perhaps, was the "Bonus Army", veterans from the First World War who marched on Washington,D.C. Herbert Hoover's election marked the end of the Roarin' Twenties.Herbert Hoover removed the troops from Latin America, therefore making more peace. He was the first president to grow up on the west side of the Mississippi River. He was also the first president to be a Quaker. Herbert Hoover had lots of pets. He had a Belgian, a German shepherd, two Fox terriers, a Scottish collie,and many other pets. His son Allan had two crocodiles!

After Presidency

He was not very popular with the people after his presidency, but he did write four books. Many people thought that he hadn't helped the nation enough during the Great Depression. After his presidency, though, he gave away most of his presidential pension to charity, thus elevating his status among the American public. When he died, he was mourned as a truly great American. He died in New York, New York at age 90 on October 20,1964 because of internal bleeding. He was buried on a hill near his birthplace in West Branch, Iowa. The place was turned into a national historic site in 1965.


His mother's middle name was Minthorn. Huh!
Once his wife invited 200 people to dinner, but there was a mistake and 500 people arrived! All the White House staff had to hurry out and buy more food.
They kept a cage of canaries in the hallway! It must have stunk and it was probably ear-splitting, too!
In 1954-1957 Herbert Hoover Jr. was the secretary of state.
His nicknames were The Great Engineer and Chief.
He had at least FIVE DOGS!! Wow!
He had so many facts about him that I was stupefied that I had come to the end of my researched facts!!
The only thing that was perplexing was that he was a multimillionaire before he became President. His Presidential salary($40,000 a year)must have seemed pretty puny!