Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland
By: Mackenzie and Laniah

Born: March 18,1837 in Caldwell New Jersey
Middle Name: Grover
First Name: Stephen
Date of Death: June 24,1908
Pets: dogs, chickens, birds, fish, ponies,

Early Life

Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837 in Caldwell New Jersey. He dropped his first name when he was just a boy. He had a pretty big family he had 4 brothers and 5 sisters. He was the fifth child born. His moms name was Ann Neal Cleveland and his dads name is Richard Falley Cleveland. He was a relative of Moses Cleveland who was the founder of Cleveland, Ohio. Sadly, at age 16 his father died. Grover soon started teaching at a school for the blind for one year when he was 16. When Grover was young he had a hard life because his family moved a lot. Before his Dad died he was a presbyterian minister.


Grover Cleveland had many jobs before he became president. He became a lawyer when he was 17!! Got paid $4 a week, which paid for a room. In 1862 Grover became a supervisor. He was elected for sheriff in Buffalo 1870. The country had to hang 2 convicted murders Cleveland sprang the traps himself. Grover never asked anyone to do what he was unwilling to do. He served as war supervisor in 1862. He returned to practice law after 3 years up being a sheriff. In 1881 he became the mayor of Buffalo, New York.


Grover Cleveland was elected president in 1885. He was the 22nd and 24th president. He was the only president to ever serve 2 terms not directly following each other. That was because Benjamin Harrison ran for president against him and Grover lost. He was the 2nd fattest president of the United States. His vice president was Thomas A. Hendrics. He soon got married to Frances Folsom Cleveland. He was the only president to have a wedding in the White House. He soon had five children. Ruth, Esther, Richard Folsom Cleveland, Francis Grover Cleveland,and Richard F Cleveland. The "Baby Ruth" candy bar was named after his daughter Ruth. He ran as president after Abraham Lincoln because Lincoln was president during the Civil War and Grover served after the Civil War. He was the first Democrat after The Civil War. There was forfeited land which was given to him which was land in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Workers suffered from low wage and harsh working conditions. Grover was the first president to devote an entire congreshinal message to the labor issue.

After Presidency

After his presidency he wrote a news paper article in 1904.He often practiced the stock market and practiced law in order to support is substantial family.When Cleveland left the White House he lived in a retirement home in Princeton, New Jersey. Eleven years after he left the White House he had a heart attack. Grover Cleveland's last words before he died was " I tried so hard to do it right." Grover Cleveland is on the 1,000 dollar bill. The United States first published the 1,000 dollar bill in the 1860s. We hoped you loved our website on Grover Cleveland

Fun Facts
He was given the nicknames "Big Steve" and "Uncle Jumboā€¯, these were given on the basis of his generous size