Franklin Roosevelt
by: MJ


Date of birth: Jan. 30th 1882
Place of birth: New York
Number of President: 32
If he had children: Yes, 6 of them
Parents: Eleanor Roosevelt and James Roosevelt

Early Life:

He was an only child, a lonely child in New York. His parents were James Roosevelt, and Sara Roosevelt. His dad James, was 53 and was not healthy when his son, (Franklin) was born.
As a lonely young child, Franklin was actually very happy. He always loved to play, run, and be happy with his loving family. His family was also very wealthy and influential. He was tutored on his math and english to get better grades. His family also went on a lot of trips around the world! He also went to graduated from Harvard University still thinking on what he what he was going to do with his life. When he figured out his passion, he decided to go to Columbia Law School, and began to practice law.


When Franklin was New York's current mayor, he had major leg damage. Also he was a governor 2 times in a row. Franklin also enjoyed being in the army for over 1 year. In the army he played the part of the assistant secretary. He married his very far cousin,(Eleanor Roosevelt) and had 6 kids. Their names were Anna, Eliot, John, Franklin, James, and a forgotten son that died when he was young. Right before he became president he had leg damage and crippling depression so it was hard to move, and feel parts of the body. It was hard especially while running for president.


He was the ONLY president to be elected 4 times and lead America in and out of World War ll and through the Great Depression,( he almost died from it). He also worked out so he could use his hands to walk again. The one reason they elected Franklin is because there were a lot of problems an they thought that he had the answers. His famous quote was '' The only thing to fear is fear itself.'' War was in Europe and Franklin promos

After Presidency:

He died from a fatal stroke. The reason is because of his poor health. His last words were '' I have a bad headache.'' He was remembered as one of the greatest presidents from the national memorial.