Franklin Pierce

By Silas and Mekhi


Date of birth:- November 23
Favorite fruit:- Dried Apples
Middle name:- He did not have a middle name.
Last name: Pierce
Year of Death: 1869


He was born in Hillsboro, New Hampshire. At the time, his Father was In The Revolutionary War. He had Six older and Two younger brothers and sisters.He had to walk 7 ( kilometers) to his school because his dad dropped him off far way from his school and his dad did not turn back to pick him up. He attended Bowdoin College. And Sadly, his Mom suffered Tuberculosis. He was a brigadier general. And His fathers name was Benjamin pierce. He destroyed the slavery issue he was also elected as the govenor of the state. He served the american revolution.


Destroyed slavery issue. Spent two years. When the Mexican-American War began, Pierce became a private, helping to recruit men for the New Hampshire Volunteers. In 1847, Pierce, by then a brigadier general, led an expedition to invade the Mexican shores of Veracruz under General Winfield Scott.
When the Mexican government was still unwilling to give into America's demands, Pierce and Scott headed to Mexico City. Although they scored two victories there, Pierce injured his leg when he was thrown from his horse. While still recovering, he missed the Army's final victory at the Battle of Chapultepec, in 1847. After the war, Pierce went home to his family in New Hampshire.

Pierce tried to promote harmony in the demoratic party. His opponets consisted two southers. Pierce's vice president died from an illness in April 1853. Pierce's wife served at the Whitehouse,he proposed to territories in Kansas and Nebraska. The Kansas-Nebraska act created a violet reaglignment of political parties. The Pierces were in grief in the White House because, their 11 year old son died in a train accident, decapitating ( getting head cut off) him. Mrs. Pierce was so sad that she stayed upstairs for half of his term( 4 years). At the time of inauguration, their other son died. Unbelievably, He approved of slavery. He was a Democrat. His Vice was William Rufus De Vane King. He made a treaty with Japan.

After Presidency

His Wife died December 2 and he died October 2. He did not like Abraham Lincoln. They went to Europe. William Seward suggested he was a member of a rebellious group that disrespected the Union. Pierces handling slavery issue destroyed his political usefulness. Abraham Lincoln became president. Golden knights dissolved to the union.He suffered threw ocholism. Pierce settled in New Hampshire after president. war erupted pireces voiced supported for futher cause. he did not serve the new president Abraham lincoln. pierce blamed lincoln for the war. It caused former president a number of longtime friendship. After the war franklin was all forgotten. As reclusive his wife was in the white house. When lincoln was assassanated an angry mob was around pierces home. When pierce died a little was written about him.


Fun Fact 1 he became a new Hampshire legislator.

Fun Fact 2 he got severed to go to the military.

Fun Fact 3 he played a key role in Kansas Nebraska.

Fun Facts 4 he would not be complete without a picture of him.

Fun Facts 5 he became new Hampshire legislator at age 27.

Fun Facts 6 he was appealed to president James k. to be an officer.

Fun Facts 7 Pierce was nominated by the democratic party in 1852.

Fun Facts 8 he had no nick name.

Fun Facts 9 he was the fisrt president to put an tree up in the white house.

Fun Facts 10 people used to call him president frank.