Chester A. Arthur
By Jordan W and Xavier


Date of Birth: October 5th 1829 in Fairfield Vermont
Middle Name: Alan
Kids Names: Chester Jr. and Ellen
Democrat or Republican: Republican
Moms Name: Malvina Stone Arthur
Height: 6'0" (Tied 11th Tallest President)
Weight: 177 lbs
College: Union College
Nickname: Elegant Arthur (because he said he had 80 pairs of pants)

Early Life:

Chester A. Arthur was born on October 5th, 1829 in Fairfield, Vermont. His mother was Malvina Sone Arthur. His father was William Arthur. He was the first born of 3 brothers and 6 sisters. His family immigrated from Northern Ireland. He wasn't born until a few years after they moved to Vermont. When Chester Arthur was in high school he studied law. When high school was over Chester went to Union College and he taught school. He went to law school after he graduated from college.


Chester Arthur studied politics and liked it! He became a vice president for president James Garfield. But, days after his president election win Garfield was assassinated. Chester became president when he was 51 years and 49 weeks old. He married Ellis Lewis Henndon and had 3 children a girl and 2 boys that they named Chester Jr. and Ellis. One died when he was only 2 and a half years old. He was elected as the 21st president of the United States. He didn't have a vice president and served only 1 term.


Chester renovated the white house because he didn't like the way it looked! He was known for having at least 80 pairs of pants! People called him a "machine politician". Chester also funded navy ships, education for indians, hired people for goverment jobs, and vetoed many bills during his presidency. Chester signed the Pendleton civil service act on January 16th 1883. Which was his greatest presidential achievement. This also established the merit system. Two of chester's closest allies were charged of fraud. Chester appointed a commission to study tariff rates. While chester was president however, he had a disease called brights disease. He kept his disease a secret because he didn't want people to worry. In 1884 he discourage his friends from winning the republican nomination due to his disease.

After Presidency:

When Chester's term was over he returned to New York. He started raising giant pumpkins. However, soon later his health declined heavily. His disease had caught up to him and landed him in the hospital. He later died from Brights Disease on November 18, 1886, and was buried next to his wife in Albany, New York. Back then Brights Disease was a fatal kidney disease because of the lack of technology. Chester didn't get to finish doing politcal and law activities

Fun Facts:

One of Chester Arthurs favorite hobbies was fishing, he was an excellent fisherman. Chester Arthur earned the nickname "Elegant Arthur" since he used to switch outfits for diffrent ocassions every hour of the day. He also had over 80 pairs of pants! Chester liked to stay up to 2 or 3 in the morning to walk in Washington D.C. He auctioned off useless items from the White House and redecorated it. Just like Barack Obama he was accused of not being an american born citizen. He was principal at North Pownal Academy in Vermont. He had a yard sale at the White House! He was a controversial president because some people believed that he assassinated his predecessor and they had hired the assassin. Chester had a lower profile after this to avoid further suspicion. Elegant Arthur was the first president to have the presidential oath is his own house. Chester Arthur was named after the doctor (Chester Abell) who assisted his mother during his birth. On May 24, 1883 when the Brooklyn Bridge opened Chester Arthur attended the ceremony. One of Chester Alan Arthur's quotes states "I may be president, but my private life is nobody's buisness." he said.