Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge
By Layla & Micah


Date of Birth-July 4 187 on Independence Day
Place of Birth-Plymouth Notch
Children- 2 ( John And Calvin Jr )
Wife- Grace Anna Goodhue ( married once)

Early Life

He grew up in Plymouth. His father was a storekeeper. He had 1 sister named Abigail. He had a mom and dad and no pets. His father was a storekeeper. His father taught him to be a hard worker and a honest person. He moved to a farm when 4 years old. His mother died when he was 12 years old. He went to Black River Academy, before his graduation his sister died. Then he went Amherst College and moved to Massachusetts to study law.

Adult Hood

He married a lady named Grace Goodhue on January 3 1879, who was a schoolteacher. The two had nothing in common, Goodhue was talkative and he was not. They had two children named John and Calvin Jr.He became a Lawyer in 1909. Then became Vice President. He was 6th Vice President to become President. The president before him died causing Calvin to become president early.


He became an active republican in 1896. He was 52 when he ran for President and his oppenent was John W. Davis. Popular votes was- 15,717,553 and his electoral votes was 382. He was elected as part of the North Hampton city council in 1898. Became city solicitor in 1900. Won reelection in 1901. Lost reelection in 1902. 1906 elected in to Massachusetts house of representatives, reelected 1907. Became mayor of North Hampton in 1909. Elected governer in 1915, twice reelected. In 1924 Coolige was elected to a full four-year term. He was the 30th President in the white house but, when he became President his son died of a blood disease. His vice President was Charles Gates Dawles. His first trip as president was when he went to Havana,Cuba. He was known for cleaning up the mess of his predecessor President Harding.

After Presidency

He became depressed when he left office. He returns to Northampton and writes an autobiography called Thinking it over with Calvin Coolidge. He also road his boat a lot. The Stock Market crashed and Calvin became depressed. He eventually died from a heart attack on January 5, 1933. He was buried beside his son and his father in the Plymouth Notch Sematery.

Fun Facts

His nickname was "Silent Cal".He was born on the 4th of July. Weighed 148 pounds. His religion was congregational. He was 5 feet 10 inches tall. He also had the nickname of ''Red" because of his red hair. Calvin was not a fan of his successor Herbert Hoover. He said that ''for six years that man has given me advice, all of it bad". He was 51 years old when he was elected. He became depressed when he left office.