Benjamin Harrison
by Desirai and Caylen


Date of birth: August 20,1833 in Northland, Ohio
Parents: John Scott and Elizabeth Irwin
Siblings: Had 9 siblings 10 including him, and he was the second oldest
Pets: Any farm animals at his farm
Wives: Caroline Scott and Mary Dimmick
Children: 2 their names were Russell, Mary, and Benjamin
Presidency Date: 1889-1893
Death Date: March 13,1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana and died of pneumonia
Presidential Party: Republican

Early life

When he was born on August 20, 1833, he was named after his great grandfather. In fact his great grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin went to school but no one really knew him. As a child he lived on a farm, he loved fishing and hunting especially. He spent most of his life on a farm, Benjamin was a short stocky boy. He was the 2nd oldest and had a rough childhood. He came from a family with many years of political service. He went to school at Farmers College.


He attended farmers college for three years senior, freshman, sophomore, and junior not knowing he would be nominated as president. In his freshman year of college he meet his future wife Caroline Scott on October 1,1853. Then he tagged along with the Scotts to Oxford for his last year of college, there he graduated from Miami University in 1852. Back at home he earned $2.50 a day working as a lawyer. He fought in the Civil War with a friend. Yet through all off this, he was a christian and taught sunday school back home. He graduated at the age of 19.


Benjamin was nominated because of his war record. He had lost by 90,000 popular votes, but won the electoral vote in 1888. He was voted president from 1889 to 1893. While he was president he remembered that he was the only grandson of a president that became a president. One important detail is he passed many acts (laws), for example the Sherman Anti-thrust Act, Sherman Silver Act, McKinly Tariff Act, and the Oriental Exclusion Act. In the middle of his presidency Caroline dies.While he was president he added 6 states to the United States which are Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington,Idaho, and Wyoming. He is known for improving the navy and harbors. Ben's vice president was Levi P. Morton. While he was president he said this quote "We Americans have no commission".

After Presidency

After a while he remarried to Mary Dimmick , a woman who tried to keep Caroline alive.Then they had a daughter named Elizabeth Harrison. He returned to Indianapolis to practice law. Another thing is he represented Venezuela in dispute with the United Kingdom. Next in his life he wrote a book called "This Country of Ours" he wrote it after he was president. Many years later he died of pneumonia on March 13, 1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fun Facts

Ben surprisingly was only 5 feet 6 inches when he passed away. He was known for being the first president grandson of another president!