Andrew jackson

by: Drew and SAMUEL

child hood- He was veary poor
date of birth- March 15, 1767
died on- June 8, 1845
parents- Andrew and Elizabeth Jackson
siblings- Robert and Hugh jackson
kids- 4 adopted kids


Andrew Jackson was born on march 15, 1767 in Carolina. While he was growing up his family never had a lot of money, but he never really complained about it. One of his friends described him as someone who would never give up. At the age of eleven Andrew Jacksons parents made him go into boarding school, but he did not really want to. In his school unlike all the other kids who liked sports he never did.


When he got older he and his brother joined the Revolutionary war (he was a genaral) ,but his brother died of smallpox When his brother died he got captured and someone tried to hit his head with a sword, but he stuck out his hand and it saved his life. He had a big scar on his hand for his whole life. He got marred in1794Afterwards he and his wife rachel adopted 4 kids.


At first Andrew Jackson tried to run for president in 1824, but lost. he later ran president in 1828 and won. His fist term of being present was from 1829 to 1832. And his second term was from 1833 to 1837. At the time Jackson was the most powerfull president, some people even called him king Andrew. Most presidents would veto a bill if it was not good for the country, but Andrew jackson would veto a bill if he just didn't like it. And insted of hireing good White house staff he just hired his friends. Twice someone tried to shoot Andrew Jackson with a pistol, but both times the pistol mis fired and missed him. that was the first time someone had tried to assassinate a president. Wile he was president he loved to ride horses so he kept his horses in the White House stables.In 1836 it became the bank of the united states of Pennsylvania


When jackson retired from being president in 1837, Martin Van Buren took his place as president. After he was presedent he lived in Nashville Tennessee.Throughout his presidency, jackson yearned for a quiet retirment at the hermitage. when he was at the age of 78 as he was geting into his bed he fainted. his son tried to save him but he could not. Andrew Jackson died on June 8, 1845.